Work at CNDLS


Thanks for your interest in working with us! We currently have the following positions open at CNDLS:

Associate Director of Digital Learning — Full Time Professional Position

The Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS) at Georgetown University seeks an Associate Director of Digital Learning to support and pursue new opportunities for the growing CNDLS' portfolio of technology-enhanced learning initiatives and advocate for the promotion of technology-enhanced learning across the university.

The Associate Director of Digital Learning works closely with CNDLS’ senior leadership team and in cooperation with University Information Services (UIS) to ensure a smooth implementation of instructional technology pilots and enterprise-wide solutions. Specific responsibilities of this position include:

• Leads the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team activities, and identifies new opportunities for growing CNDLS’ portfolio of technology-enhanced learning initiatives.

• Provides support for TEL work across campus, including consultations, workshops, program planning, and grant programs.

• Helps align the priorities of technology-enhanced learning efforts with the overall priorities of the Center.

• Manages a number of established projects and programs, including several faculty-centered initiatives intended to explore technology and innovation in learning.

• Generates ideas for experimental, future-directed pilots/projects such as innovative classrooms and virtual technologies.

• Helps lead the transition from Blackboard to Canvas, along with the adoption of new enterprise-wide tools for media streaming and lecture capture.

• Manages a team of creative instructional technologists, developers, and designers.

• Provides leadership and support for MOOC and open education development.

• Contributes to the development of the Master Program in Learning and Design, including teaching one or two graduate courses per year.

• Contributes to conversations about TEL, Design, and Learning (in and outside GU) and cultivates awareness of the latest developments at the leading edge of the field.

• Provides leadership and support of general CNDLS mission and activities.

To view requirements and qualifications and apply for this position, visit the job posting on the Georgetown employment website.

Education Data Scientist — Full Time Professional Position

The Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS) at Georgetown University seeks an Education Data Scientist to utilize their expertise in data science tools and techniques in the development of and research into learning analytics priorities, processes, and practices for the university, particularly faculty.

The Education Data Scientist will have the opportunity to teach learning analytics or related courses offered in the new Master of Arts in Learning and Design program. S/he serves as a thought leader contributing to an innovative and sustainable learning analytics strategy at Georgetown University.

The Education Data Scientist position carries the professional designation of Academic & Administrative Professional (AAP) and may have the opportunity to have a faculty appointment.

The Education Data Scientist reports to the Director of Faculty Initiatives, and works across the organization, but particularly closely with the Director of Learning Design & Research and the Associate Director for Assessment, as well as a variety of project teams. Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Collaborates on and supports faculty-driven, course- and curricular-level projects with data and learning analytics tools for feedback and visualization.

• Builds reusable and user-friendly support mechanisms for making decisions about teaching and learning.

• Potentially teaches one course per semester on learning analytics or education data science-related topics in the Master of Arts in Learning and Design program.

• Designs methods whereby learning data can be used to inform course design, evaluation, and overall impact on our students’ learning.

• Advises and mentors students in the Master of Arts in Learning and Design program.

• Pursues a self-guided research agenda leading to scholarly output, such as publications, presentations, and public scholarship online.

• Identifies, articulates opportunity for, launches, and leads new research projects at CNDLS.

• Contributes expertise to ongoing CNDLS research projects with a learning analytics component.

• Prepares IRB requests in collaboration with other CNDLS colleagues working on research projects.

• Disseminates research and research-in-progress through collaborative publications and presentations.

• Facilitates an ongoing process for CNDLS to reflect on and evaluate needs around data collection and reporting.

• Supports knowledge and data integration across the organization.

• Contributes to cross-campus conversations on learning analytics and learning data.

• Serves as a liaison between the Office of Assessment and Decision Support (OADS), University Information Services (UIS), and the Provost’s Office regarding goals for and access to learning-relevant data.

To view requirements and qualifications and apply for this position, visit the job posting on the Georgetown employment website.

Instructional Technologist - Full Time Professional Position

The Instructional Technologist supports a growing portfolio of educational technologies, including WordPress, Domain of One’s Own, Lecture Capture, Personal Response Devices, and Canvas. S/he researches and promotes emerging teaching and learning technologies and works to further the CNDLS mission to support innovations in pedagogy. The Instructional Technologist has duties that include but are not limited to:

• Engages with faculty to determine the best technologies to support their teaching and learning goals.

• Serves as a point of contact for support (via email, phone, and in-person consultations) for specific teaching and learning technologies.

• Creates and delivers documentation, presentations and workshops intended for faculty, staff, and students in support of instructional technologies.

• Researches emerging technologies for teaching and learning with the intention of contributing to organizational knowledge of the instructional technology landscape.

• Creates internal documentation of how specific technologies work with the intention of supporting staff understanding.

• Communicates about new and emerging technologies (e.g., blog posts, articles, help documentation) for both internal (to CNDLS) and external audiences.

• Coordinates the efforts of graduate associates working within the organization to support technology needs of faculty and students.

• Travels to different locations on campus for workshops, presentations and meetings.

To view requirements and qualifications for this position visit the HoyaWorks website. A link to the full position description can be found here.

Junior Videographer and Editor - Full Time Professional Position

The Junior Videographer and Editor assists with all aspects of video production and media design. S/he contributes to discussions on various aspects of media design for a variety of high- profile courses offered through GeorgetownX and Georgetown’s Online Programs. The Junior Videographer and Editor has additional responsibilities that include but are not limited to:

Production and Post-Production

• Supports the CNDLS Media Team in all aspects of production and post-production.

• Transports and breaks down a variety of production materials for CNDLS video shoots.

• Assists the Video Production Managers in lighting setup, camera setup, microphone preparation, and camera operation; provides personal assistance to talent prior to and during shoot.

• Creates substantive edits of video footage under the direction of CNDLS Video Managers.

• Executes basic post-production effects and finalizing tasks to CNDLS video assets.

• Provides updates to CNDLS Vimeo page in concert with CNDLS' social media and online strategy.

Graphic Design

• Assists in the development and production of graphic and branding materials used in GeorgetownX courses as well as CNDLS communications assets.

• Assists Media Specialist in re-designing and revising faculty slides; Integrates slides into audio and video assets for GeorgetownX courses.

• Produces design elements and provides creative feedback for CNDLS communication efforts in collaboration with Media Team.


• Manages the post-processing video tasks for all GeorgetownX courses.

• Maintains course spreadsheets, uploads course assets to edX Studio, manages 3Play requests, and edits transcripts as necessary.

• Maintains regular contact with course faculty and managers on approval status for video assets and iterative feedback.

To view requirements and qualifications for this position visit the HoyaWorks website. A link to the full position description can be found here.